Item Nicknames

I sometimes have trouble remembering the titles of paper as they can be long and sometimes vague. I would like to add nicknames to my items and display that nickname as a column. For example, say I have a paper titled: "Racer coumpound helicopter: Operational wireless FTI data transfer from ROTOR’s up to fuselage" my nickname for the paper would be: "Airbus wireless sensors on rotors"

Similar to the paper nicknames, I would also like to have group nicknames. Often the first author of a paper is a grad student whom I've never heard of, and the PI is listed last. This means that the PI's name doesn't show up in the Creator column. I would like to add a column next to creator for the lab group name, for example "John Smith's Lab"

I know that something similar to what I am describing can be accomplished with tags, however I find that having the tags listed in the bottom corner with no way of knowing which paper they apply to without clicking them to be less than ideal.
  • The Extra field is good for this, something like:
    Nickname: Great paper
    Group nickname: The Awesome Group
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