Feature request - Bulk annotation tagging

I can't find a way to tag multiple annotations. This would be helpful so that I can go back and tag everything from a section, topic, or chapter. I imagine you would just ctrl/cmd + click on all the annotations (which is already a feature), then right click and be able to access a tagging view. Let me know any thoughts or if this already exists.
  • I don't think this exists yet, I'm hoping it may be part of the plan with the other annotation improvements that are coming. Absolutely agree that batch tagging would be key to speeding up workflow - at the moment, because you can't yet use annotation tags across documents, I tend to use the highlight colours as a crude default.

    I imagine the simplest would be to replicate the existing batch tagging process by using drag and drop with multi-select.
  • Was looking for this feature also and came across this discussion. Yeah tags are really not a useful feature until you can edit them in bulk IMO.
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