We're developing a Zotero online course

Hello all,

We're using Zotero a lot in the https://edtechhub.org, and Zotero is part of our onboarding. Our Zotero workbook is here http://tiny.cc/zoterobook (Google Docs, CC BY).

We're thinking of developing a structured online course (maybe in moodle or some other FLOSS e-learning environment) to facilitate the onboarding. Some of it will be specific to https://edtechhub.org, but other things more generic. The course / course materials would be CC BY licensed.

Anybody interested in collaborating?
  • Hi bjohas,

    I think it is a great and useful idea !

    Not sure how I could help: english is not my first language but if you need proofreading and translation in another language, I may find some time!
  • Hi,
    I'm the author of the Zotero PDF Translate addon. Seem like you'll cover a lot of non-native English speakers, I guess this addon may be helpful for them!

    I wish this can help more researchers around the world to have more opportunities, and not be bothered by the language gap.

    Github page: https://github.com/windingwind/zotero-pdf-translate
  • Same as rlemetayer
  • I can translate into Spanish, as it is my native language.
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