Insert Zotero Notes in Word with Citation

I'm sorry if this feature already exists and I'm just unable to find it, but what I would like to do is insert the content of a note with the citation in Word and have the bibliographic data added to the bibliography.
I know I can add the content of notes instead of a bibliography, but that is not what I want to do. What I want to do is more like, for example, store a direct quote in a note and have an easy way of inserting this into a paper instead of having to copy and paste it either from zotero or from a reprot and having to then add the citation.
  • So frustrating when you only find others with the same problem but not the solution. ayayay. :) thx for posting, hope we'll soon have an answer here!
  • So, is this functionality currently available? Through the MS Word "Add note" feature, I'm only able to import the note's full content, not single quotes or annotations.
  • @TuanPeres: Note that this thread is from 2015, long before Zotero gained PDF annotation support. You can now add notes to word processor documents, and citations will stay active, but it's not currently possible to insert individual annotations.
  • @dstillman Thanks for the reply. I usually do a lot of highlighting and commenting in my PDF files, so importing annotations from PDF will generate a single note containing a lot of quotes and comments (annotations). Therefore, when using the "Add Note" feature in MS Word, I'm getting a multipage list of annotations, what isn't very productive for my case.

    Being able to paste or drag individual annotations into MS Word while adding the reference to the Bibliography would be great. I believe my need is the same as @jbrings presented in 2015.
  • Just to be clear, you can now do exactly what @jbrings said:┬ástore a direct quote in a note and insert it into Word with an active citation that gets added to the bibliography.

    You could also assign a specific tag or color to annotations you know you'll want to include in your document, filter for those in the PDF reader sidebar, and drag just those annotations to a note.

    It will likely be possible to insert individual annotations via the word processor plugins in a future version.
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