Are there hidden items in the "item pane"? Citation has additional unknown information.

Are there hidden items in the info tab of the item pane?

A citation has a "10" appended and I don't see where this is coming from. There is no "10" in the info tab of the item pane, nor in any of the other tabs.

I'd like to understand where the "10" is coming from.

  • Is this in a table? There's a weird Word issue with multiple citations in a table (as for your question: no, there's no hidden information in the item pane).
  • No, it's not a table. It's a regular citation in a footnote.

    It's this style: and for the type="entry-encyclopedia".

    I'm assuming it's the text variable="locator", but there is no single "10" anywhere (though it is about Article 10, the title is "DS-GVO Art. 10 Verarbeitung von personenbezogenen Daten über strafrechtliche Verurteilungen und Straftaten").

    Is there perhaps some metadata that is not visible in the item pane?
  • how does the citation come out exactly?
  • They look like this:

    Bäcker in BeckOK Datenschutzrecht Art. 10, 39. Aufl. (2021), 10, Rn. 2; Weichert in Kühling/Buchner DS-GVO BDSG Art. 10, 3. Aufl. (2020), 10, Rn. 7.

    But I just now tried deleted the citation and reinserted them and they're normal again. Refreshing the document didn't change them. I wonder what the problem was.

    Thank you very much for trying to help!
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