Zotero 6: Exporting images to Obsidian

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  • The new stuff are amazing !
    It was not possible to extract image excerpt with zotfile before, now it's possible and I'm excited. I'm trying to have seamless workflow with Obsidian.

    - When I copy-paste directly from note editor, the images are copied as base64 codes.Which is good, I can still see the image in Obsidian. But, there aren't any URI baked into the notes I paste.

    - When I use Quick Copy with Markdown export, I can't see the image excerpt in Obsidian/MD editor. There's only a link to the pdf.

    I would really appreciate to have an option to turn images into base64 (or ideally, have an external jpeg with markdown link) when I use QuickCopy.
    Shift + dragging into Obsidian is just perfect, except images.

    Is it possible? So we don't have to open original pdf to see the graphics/images/charts etc.
  • @caglarongan The addon Knowledge4Zotero support exporting notes with images(not in base64, but a pure markdown link, which is faster to render in Obsidian).

    Download here: https://github.com/windingwind/Knowledge4Zotero
  • @hsiangyu_wong: What do you mean by "pure markdown link"? An image link to the original file location in 'storage'?
  • @dstillman Yes, it's just currently a workaround: b64 image makes the file too large.

    I understand it's not that safe to link a file to the 'storage'. In a future version, the images will be copied to a new place.

    It would be nice if Zotero can support the MD export with images natively.
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