Feature request: split view of item pane

Hi all! I love the new Zotero interface! I've been a subscriber of zotero unlimited online storage for 4-5 years (to support the project) and I'm loving it. Thank you!
I often move stuff around between libraries (e.g. from my library to a group library) by dragging and dropping. However, sometimes I'm not sure if the item I'm moving is already in the destination library, and if it is, if it's up to date or not (it's often an earlier version, with older tags, notes, etc.). If I want to find out, I need to stop what I'm doing, go to the group library, search for the item, and go back to where I was. This is important because, if it is already there, dragging and dropping will not update it, as you know.
I usually find myself wishing to have some kind of split view so that I could see both my library and the group library at the same time, and compare them without interrupting my workflow.
Is this possible? If not, could this be considered as a future feature?
Thanks a lot for the hard work!
  • It will likely be possible to open collections in separate tabs in a future version.
  • Awesome!
    Being able to duplicate the "my library" tab, as you can currently do with PDF viewer tabs, or something along those lines, would do the trick, I think.
  • I am just searching the forum for options and feature requests to open collections in tabs and would very strongly support such development!
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