[Bug report] Zotero 6.0.6 - Note formatting not preserved after note editing

I'm running Zotero 6.0.6 in windows.
I followed the suggestions in the "Note Templates" page and edit the extensions.zotero.annotations.noteTemplates.highlight parameter:

{{if color == '#2ea8e5'}}
{{elseif color == '#ff6666'}}
<p><b>{{highlight quotes='false'}} {{comment}}</b></p>
{{elseif color == '#5fb236'}}
<p><i>{{highlight quotes='false'}} {{comment}}</i></p>
<p>{{highlight quotes='false'}} {{comment}}</p>

When I "Add note from annotation" I get a note with all my custom formatting preserved (headings, bold, italics, ...).

If I manually edit the note (for instance typing something) all the text becomes unformatted (paragraph style) except for the headers (h2 formatting is maintained) so I get a note with headings and plain text paragraphs instead of bold and italics paragraphs.

Probably I'm just missing something stupid but I can not figure it out...
  • Well, yes, this is kind of a bug. Although using highlights without quotes, in a paragraph, can have unexpected behavior. With quotes it should work as expected.
  • Alb
    edited May 9, 2022
    Indeed adding {highlight quotes='true'} did fix the problem.

    Why did I remove the quotes from automatic note extraction?
    In my note I like to have a uniform text flow, without interruptions/blocks defined by the quotes (I also removed the {citation} part), moreover sometimes I just highlight couple of key words in a paragraph and then I have to clear out the " " marks to join the words in a unique phrase and it is kind of time consuming.

    If it is possible to find a solution, great. Otherwise I'll keep it as it is. These are just minor details and Zotero's team already did a great job with this last release, thanks!!
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