Eternal loading in Google Docs

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  • Howdy all. I am also eternally trapped in this problem. I get the same problem with either Zotero or Juris-M. Hopefully these links to my screen shot work:

    Zotero and Juris-M Connectors Installed. Eternal Loading:

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    @ahlisbon: We can't help with Jurism — you should disable that in the Chrome Extensions pane for now.

    For Zotero, are you saying you're not able to load Google Docs, or are you saying you're having a problem when trying to cite with the plugin?

    Can you provide a Debug ID from the Connector for reproducing this?
  • What I've noticed when using Zotero connector in Google Docs is that the first time it's used in a session, it will give that toast message (Zotero is updating your document ... please wait) and it will seem like it's just doing nothing forever. But a new Chrome window is actually created (not surfaced to the top though) that asks you to authenticate the connector's access. You have to allow access. Then, however, the add citation dialogue will also not be surfaced, you have to select it from the taskbar. So it looks like nothing's happening, but it's just that the windows that require action are sitting below Chrome. That's what happens in my case at least.
  • Hello. I figured out the same thing as @citadel . I have a dual screen set up and also the window for authenticating the connection can end up buried under a few other windows. Now that I've done what citadel has described, Zotero work great in Chrome.

    Hopefully someone who works with Juris-M might shed more light onto troubleshooting how to debug the connector. I'll try some more experimenting.
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