Lkg to hire freelancer for Word extraction.

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I need someone to extract some WorldCat Lists (14 total) I created in Word for a bibliography. Super fast and easy. I can't get BibText to work on my end and am on a deadline, so I truly need some help. If you are interested, please let me know your fees and availability.
  • That address bounces. What do you need to extract the contents of this word file to? Can I see the Word file?
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    I am so sorry. Lack of sleep. It's
    Please try again and I'll send the files. I need them extracted to Zotero (preferably) or any bibliographic software. Thanks for taking a look!
  • Hey, thanks for finding me at the other address. Sent you some files. Appreciate you looking!
  • Haven't seen anything.
  • Do you have an off-forum email addy that I can send them to? I must have replied to the wrong one.
  • but I sent you email to the address above, replying to that should work.
  • Idk what I did before, but TY. OTW. :)
  • Have you ran these through
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    Yes, but it doesn't keep the same order. I have also tried exporting the WorldCat Lists to Zotero, which works, but also not in the same order. Can I not sort in Zotero by the oldest date published?
  • If you already have them in Zotero, that is a different matter entirely. Sorting by publication year in Zotero is available by default, if you want more granular (month/month+day) sorting that is something that is achievable, and if you just want these in a different citation format, well, that's what Zotero is good at. In the latter case, you'd at most have to change a sorting order in the desired style (I think).
  • This is one of those occasions where I forget what I always tell my clients: don't tell me your solution, tell me your problem. So:

    What is the data source you have to work with (if not by necessity these Word files), and what do you want to be able to do with this data that you can't currently?
  • Good point. I am clearly learning the hard way. WorldCat is the data source I have to work with, which has horrible cataloging. I need Zotero to import in the same order that I sorted in WorldCat so I can clean the data in Zotero so the MLA is correct and free of duplicates, etc. It's not unlike doing it "by hand" in Word, I suppose, just slightly faster since Zotero formats to MLA 9th. But if the order doesn't match WorldCat, there's no point. I'm still experimenting in Zotero to get a match to WorldCat. Sigh. Lesson learned. Thanks for your feedback.
  • But can worldcat export the same data in the same order in a structured format like CSV? Because in that case what you want is feasible to automate, including sort within zotero. The hard part would be to extract the data from word files.
  • Not CSV but HTML, RTF, RIS (which goes into Zotero), Endnote, RefWorks, & Easy Bib. That said, you have given me some ideas. I exported a RIS file to Zotero and sorted it just as it is sorted in WCat, but the order is still wrong, which I already knew. However, I also generated a report in Zot, and that order is correct (meaning it matches WCat). Trying to figure out what teenie step am I missing...
  • Ugggh, I think I have it. I resorted the Zotero output in Word by date and it matches the WorldCat order. You have been such a help! I'm still puzzled about why I would have to resort it (Word formatting maybe?), but hey, it works! Thanks so much!
  • That's what I was getting at, indeed, and you're very welcome.
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