Timeout for Connector requests, error: SESSION_EXISTS

edited May 22, 2022
When we try so save a web page in Zotero with the Firefox Connector, is it possible to increase the timeout as a workaround for errors like
"Error: HTTP request to has timed out after 15000ms"

The web page was saved to Zotero, but the response took to long and the user got an error.
  • Is there a page that's consistently taking that long? If so, can you provide a Debug ID from Zotero for the save? Nothing should really take that long.
  • The error doesn't occur only on a specific page or website and I myself have no trouble saving the web pages. I ask for a client of mine, since he has trouble with English.
    He has over 120000 entries and over 80000 attachment folders and syncing is always activated as far as I know. Most of the time it works just fine when he tries it again an hour later or so. Therefore I though his Zotero instance is maybe too busy and slow at times.

    I'll ask for an Debug ID.

    So can I assume that there is no way to increase the timeout threshold?
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    No, because saving just shouldn't take that long, and if it does we'd want to know and try to fix it.
  • We logged while trying to save a YouTube page. The metadata was saved. There was no snapshot requested since it's type videoRecording. The timeout error does occurs on other websites with and without snapshots, too.


    Zotero Log: D290605015
    Zotero Connector Log: D1184770323

    The YouTube Custom translator uses the YouTube translator as a base (instead of Embedded Translator) and just adds some more data within the "setHandler" function of the loaded base translator. The translators works just fine on my on own PC.
  • In Zotero Log D290605015 is the following error after the /connector/saveItems and /connector/saveSnapshot POST request.

    HTTP/1.0 409 Conflict X-Zotero-Version: 6.0.7 X-Zotero-Connector-API-Version: 2 Content-Type: application/json {"error":"SESSION_EXISTS"}

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