Translator for Austlii and LexisNexis not extracting pdfs or all data


With the translators for Austlii and LexisNexis are they supposed to download the available pdfs? At the moment, neither are doing so. Also the information that is extracted from both sites is incomplete or incorrect. For example, doesn't include FCAFC in the reporter field and the starting page 114 appears in the docket number, rather than the first-page field.

With LexisNexis (now Lexis Advance) the translator does not appear to be working at all. For example, with it does not even recognise that this is a case and there is not right-click option in Zotero's Connector to choose a different translator - it treats it just as a webpage.

It would also be useful to be able to save multiple results from Austlii's lawcite results page (e.g. or in Lexis Advance (e.g.

I'm happy to help to try to update these translators (assuming that is all that is needed). I saw the GitHub page for the translators ( Is there any instructions on how to make these changes (e.g. extracting pdf, put first page details in the first page field etc).

Many thanks

  • Hi, just giving this a bump. Translators are in javascript and I have no idea what I'm doing in JS. Is it better to report this as an issue in Github?
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