Feature request - show file from PDF tab

I like that I can right click an open PDF tab and show it in the library. Would also be great to right click the tab and click "show file" like i can in the library to show the pdf in the file explorer.
  • I don't think we'd add that. I think that would go even further to encourage dangerous operations than adding a context-menu option for an external reader to the items list. And if you're sure you know what you're doing — e.g., OCRing the PDF — you'd want to close the built-in reader before making changes to the file anyway.
  • Ok sure. I use the show file to find the pdf to send to colleagues by email. Is there another easy way to send a pdf or group of pdfs by email?
  • If you use Gmail (or other webmail) or Thunderbird, you can drag attachments straight from the items list to an email. For other local clients, you might need to use Show File.
  • Thank-you Dan, I did not know this! This works for Outlook, suddenly made my life easier!
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