when i use Zotero to open pdf, and many words are linked together.

when i use Zotero to open pdf, and many words are linked together.but when i copy texts with acrobat,the words are normal.

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Figure 7showsthesimulation results forthetheatre of Lyttus(without resonators)comparedtothesimulation results ofthetheatre ofEpidaurus aswasperformed byVassilantonopoulos etal. [12], fordi fferent receiverpositions. AsonecanseeinFigure 7band7c,theClarity (C80)and theRASTI parameters havelower values forEpidaurus’ theatre forthedi fferent positions. This factallowsustoassume thatthelaterelati veenergyintheimpulse response, isgreater inthetheatre ofEpidaurus andrather isanindication ofalonger “reverberation”. The D50 parameter,as canbeseen inFigure 7a,isonly lowerforLyttusforlong distances from thesource. Hence, itisassumed that for these distances, thetailoftheimpulse response isshorter than thecorresponding oneofthetheatre ofEpidaurus.

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Figure 7 shows the simulation results for the theatre of
Lyttus (without resonators) compared to the simulation results
of the theatre of Epidaurus as was performed by Vassilantonopoulos
et al. [12], for different receiver positions.
As one can see in Figure 7b and 7c, the Clarity (C80) and
the RASTI parameters have lower values for Epidaurus’
theatre for the different positions. This fact allows us to assume
that the late relative energy in the impulse response,
is greater in the theatre of Epidaurus and rather is an indication
of a longer “reverberation”. The D50 parameter, as
can be seen in Figure 7a, is only lower for Lyttus for long
distances from the source. Hence, it is assumed that for
these distances, the tail of the impulse response is shorter
than the corresponding one of the theatre of Epidaurus.

notes:the article is:The Use of Resonators in Ancient Greek Theatres

How zotero can solve the problem?
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