PDF Translate addon: Annotation/Note/Title Translation Available Now

  • @reimerth Sorry I can't improve the Google Translation quality.
  • Hi! Dear developers, thanks a lot for your amazing addon. It brings me lots of conveniences. But when it comes to those sentences or paragraphs separated into two pages, your addon seems hard to handle this situation. Maybe there are some ways to develop it, for example, after selecting some text, press and hold "alt" or "shift" to continue selecting the text on the next page, then translate it together. Thank you very much(/≧▽≦)/
  • @malogic Thanks for your like!
    The selection is handled by zotero pdf reader, sorry I cannot help.
  • that's fine. It doesn't matter. I still like it :)
  • Hi everyone,
    Thanks to all your support and suggestions, this add-on becomes more mature in the past weeks.

    I'm glad to share the new features of the PDF Translate of v0.6.6:

    1. Annotation modification available now.
    After selecting and annotating, you can edit and retranslate the raw text & translation in the right sidebar. A new 'Update Annotation' button will be available until you select other text.

    2. Add to note with translation available now.
    When a note editor is active, the popup will show an extra '[icon]Add to Note' button. Add the selected text along with translation to the note with just one click.

    3. Title translation available now.
    Right-click on the items/collections and click the 'Title Translation' menu: the translations are stored in 'short title' and updated to the item list.

    4. New UI settings. Customize the right sidebar in the Edit->Preferences->PDF Translate->Advanced->UI.

    Suggestions & codes are welcomed!
  • Thank you! This is an amazingly useful add-on. I will use it for translating archaeological reports.
    Some of my translators are not available, including Microsoft, and DeepL, which I prefer. They are marked with asterisks. Is there any way to get them working please?

  • @dbrear
    Just sign up in the service provider and paste the secret key following the format in README: https://github.com/windingwind/zotero-pdf-translate#general-language-settings
  • @hsiangyu_wong when switching from the library pane to the PDF reader, the Translate (4th) tab always becomes the active tab, not the expected Info tab. Can this behaviour be changed ?
  • @timwr820
    I'll add a switch for this behavior in the next update. Thanks for letting me know!
  • Thanks for the useful plugin. I have just installed the plugin but found it disappeared from time to time. For the same pdf, the "translate button" showed sometimes but might disappear next time after I restarted Zotero and re-opened it. It might show up again after I opened another pdf if the "another pdf" has the "translate button." Can you show me how to control it? I am using pdf-translate 0.9.8.
  • @Eric_sk

    A brand new version of this plugin is on the way. Seem like this known bug does not appear in that version, though the development is far not finished.

    Currently, switching between tabs will make the panel come back.

  • Thanks and looking forward to the new version. I wonder if it is also possible to enlarge the font size in the translate panel. I am using 32 inch monitor to read the pdf and the font size in the panel is comparatively too small.
  • Hi, I just want to say thank you for an extremely valuable plugin. I can't tell you how much time and effort it has saved me. Very excited to hear that you are working on an update.

    Not sure what kind of changes or additions you will make, but the one thing that I would find useful is to have the choice to "add to note" with a shortened original language and full translation text. For example, for the original language, paste the first three words, an ellipsis (...) and the last three words, rather than the whole quote, followed by the full translation. So something like "Si los tres…diálogo o discusión.” [reference] + [full translation].
    That will provide the link to the original reference and take much less room in the note.

    I do this manually right now quite a bit, so any automation would be useful.

    Anyway - thanks a million!
  • @Eric_sk
    Edit-Preferences-PDF Translate-Advanced-Font Size.
  • @hu-itanu

    Thanks for your like. Maybe you could leave an issue on the GitHub repo so I won't forget.
  • Hi, I'm having an issue with my Zotero where I can't edit the 'title translation' and 'abstract translation' in the info section. I'm not sure why this problem has arisen. Additionally, sometimes when I use the plugin and click on 'translate title', the plugin doesn't perform the translation. Can anyone help or provide insights? (Zotero PDF translate 1.0.25, Windows 11)
  • edited December 20, 2023
    Thank you so much for this amazing plug-in:真的實用! For some reason, "Add to Note" doesn't work for me and remains greyed-out. In the documentation, you say a note editor has to be active for it to function, but I'm not sure what that means.
  • edited December 21, 2023

    You'll need to click a note and open it in the right-side pane of reader.
  • It has randomly stopped automatic translation and annotation. It was working fine till until now after i changed the setting to "save to annotation body" from "save to annotation comment" (i changed it back to default "save to annotation comment"). Have checked the setting/ preferences and issue persisted even after it was reinstalled.
  • @hsiangyu_wong

    Even though I try clicking on a note and opening it in the right-side pane of the reader, as you suggest, "Add to note" remains greyed-out. I appreciate any help you can offer.
  • @nakutcher

    If you are talking about the `add to note` with translation provided by the translate plugin, please start an issue on GitHub (https://github.com/windingwind/zotero-pdf-translate) and provide the necessary details.
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