Workflow for adding a bibliography item in a .bib file

Dear All,

I am new to Zotero, and I am looking to transition from another software. To complete the transition, I must understand better how Zotero adapts to the workflow I have, and I have not found yet an explanation for what I need.

Can anyone explain to me (or point to an explanation of) how the following workflow is achieved within Zotero.

1. I am in a text editor, and I am editing a LaTeX file. In the same directory is a .bib file with my bibliography.

2. I am browsing Zotero, and I decide to cite a new paper.

3. I fetch the BibTeX entry corresponding to that paper

4. I add the entry 3 into the .bib file, which lives in the local folder of point 1

5. I recompile

Now, I understand that 1 and 5 are editor specific (I use Vim and vimtex, but this may be a distraction for now). What I really want to know is how to do steps 2-4 quickly. In particular here are the requirements and comments:

* (Major) I do not want to have huge master .bib file with my entire Zotero library. The local .bib file contains only the files I cite in that paper. This must be so, because I write papers with collaborators, and I don't want to expose my entire Zotero folder, or even clone the same huge file every time. I just want to make a selection of papers, and be able to quickly amend it

* (Moderate) Since the .bib file is shared with collaborators, I'd like to understand what happens to the workflow if they edit the .bib file. I am happy to insist we keep .bib files separate, but I am just interested in how you deal with this.

* (Minor) I would like to do the steps with keystrokes

Thanks in advance for your help.
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