My zotero can not connect with microsoft word 365. Can anyone help me, please?

1. I click edit-preferences-cite-word processor- install Microsoft add-in
the result: Installation could not be completed because an error occurred. Please ensure that Microsoft Word is closed, and then restart Zotero. (I did not open any words)
2. I click to tools- add-ons - disable Zotero word for windows Microsoft but it is not working
do you have experience with this problem?
Thank you
  • Restart your computer and try to reinstall the plugin again.

    Don't disable the plugin in Tools → Add-ons.
  • Can you explain in detail "to reinstall the plugin again"? how can I do it, please?
    I restart my computer many times and even reinstall Microsoft office too but it still did not work. I followed some videos on Youtube to try to download zotero.dotm but it is deleted immediately
  • edited April 17, 2022
    Oh, if you're downloading Zotero.dotm and it's deleted immediately, that's likely security software on your system interfering with Zotero, as we explain in the manual installation instructions.
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