The Thank You for 2.0 Thread

Obviously there are some bugs to be ironed out here and there, but overall Zotero 2.0 really is a beauty — both the updates to the client as well as the updates to the site. Cheers to the hardworking developers!
  • Can't wait for the bugfixes :D
    But great app.
    Keep up the good work!
  • I agree... fantastic work Zotero team. I love it! :-)
  • Yeah... definitely...

    There are still a few grad students in my department who don't use Zotero and it really amazes me... I just chuckle and shake my head...

    The utility of Zotero is just so far beyond the alternatives... it's really a great program.
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    Thanks for this. Finally works with Firefox 3.5b4/Mac!!!
    (still not working with Firefox 3.6a1pre...but we cannot expect miracles)
  • thanky you for the great work. I have been using sync preview for more than a year and finally everything from syncing attachments and notes, to the word 2008 plugin works. I eriously don't know how I used to cope without zotero.
  • u the best !!! thanks u all!!


  • You all are the best. Thank you so very much!
  • Yes, thanks so much!
  • Thanks also for all your hard work.
  • Chiming in to express love for Zotero and gratitude to its developers!

    Thank you!

  • Yes, great work. Thanks.
  • Thank you! Sync doesn't work for me yet. But I'm really very grateful.
  • excellent! i like it very much! just in time for finishing my thesis ;-)

    after this i updated to firefox 3.6a1pre, well, it will work here very soon, i guess ;-)
  • Oops, I guess I posted in the wrong topic. Reposting here just to let the people how great Zotero is.

    "Yes...I am so excited that I can finally resize the Word plugin windows. This is my most wanted feature in Zotero. I would like to express my appreciation to CHNM for producing such a wonderful software. As a small token of appreciation, I just donated a very small amount of money to CHNM. Thank you so much and hope to see Zotero get better and better :)"
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    good stuff guys working nicely now..

  • You wouldn't imagine how much I was save by this software in writing my papers! I still can't believe this wonderful software is available free of charge, so I donated some amount to CHNM. Zotero is getting so much better version after version. 2.0b7 is a beauty. Kudos to the team and keep it up!
  • v2.0b7 == sublime beauty.

    Love the UI changes, but the synch-attachments-to-groups features...holy cow. Game changer. If it wasn't before, Zotero is now head-and-shoulders above the crowd in the citation-manager space. I can't say enough about how great this project has been and continues to be.
  • yeah, kick-ass stuff! I was tempted by Mendeley for a bit, but it passed. it's incredible how awesome Zotero has become :)
  • I agree, 2.0 is great! I'm starting my Doctorate thesis and found this tool come in just in time. Research material management could never been that easy before. I hope the Sync function can be fixed soon then we can fly!

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