Identify the list of items occupying the storage space

Hello everyone,

Is there any option to see the space occupied by the files in the storage space?

I noticed that my storage space is 99% full and would like to know which files are occupying this space?

Thanks in advance for your suggestions.
  • Nothing built into Zotero, but you can use a free disk space analyzer tool on your storage folder to identify the largest files in there, which will mostly reflect their relative sizes online.
  • Hi,

    Same issue here, @adamsmith could you describe how to use an space analyzer tool ? I barely have any computer skills ^^"

    Thanks a lot !
  • E.g. on Windows, you pick any of the three top apps here:
    You point them at the storage folder in the Zotero data directory
    and it will give you the subfolders ordered by size.

    To find an item corresponding to the subfolder in Zotero, you just take the folder name -- an 8 character random combination of letters and numbers like 2A4AI5ZL -- and search for it in Zotero in the quick search bar using "All Fields and tags"

    (Not directly to the question, but since it's often misunderstood, I will note that Zotero's storage quota only affects which files you can sync to the server. If you don't need file syncing, you can simply disable it in the preferences. There's no limit on the size of your locally stored attachments other than your hard disk volume)
  • Great !

    Thank you very much for your help !
  • is there a way I can see directly from Zotero the file size of an item? I .e. a pdf file or a saved website file? thanks,
  • No, nothing directly from Zotero, sorry.
  • thanks, noted, will this be planned to be implemented?
  • I know this is an old issue, but I think I have a wrinkle that is not addressed --
    As is commonly the case when asked, the interest is to manage space in our zotero quota. This means we want to know about our personal library and any group libraries we are the owner of.
    But we may participate in any number of other group libraries where we may not be interested in managing the space.

    When we search for large files on the file system, is there a way to distinguish between libraries?
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