Adjusted Column Width Keeps Reseting After Using PDF Viewer

When I use Zotero on my laptop, I always adjust the column width so that certain information (i.e., titles, authors). I've noticed that whenever I click on an open tab with the PDF viewer, then go back to my library, the column width resets. I'm sure you can imagine that this would get annoying if you are constantly moving back and forth between tabs. Is this just a bug that needs fixed in an update? Is there a way to save your preferred column width so that it automatically displays every time you open Zotero?
  • I was using the Beta version but just downloaded the production version and the problem has been solved!
  • It's a regression in the current beta. It will be fixed in the next beta on Tuesday.
  • @matt.quintana: Fixed now in the latest beta.
  • I just upgraded to 6.0.5-beta.2+c510d9146 but this problem persists for me.

    (When I go to "Check for updates" after installing this version, it says "No updates found", so I think I'm up to date.)
  • Can you reproduce this after restarting your computer? Can you make a video that showcases the bug starting from opening Zotero after it being closed?
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    I can't shut down my computer right now because a bunch of jobs are running, but I made a video showcasing the bug. Unfortunately, it's nearly a minute long (and hence large at 42 MB) because Zotero is taking a long time to start up. But here it is: [fixed link]

    Please let me know when you have downloaded it so I can remove from my website.
  • I am also seeing this in 6.0.5-beta.2+c510d9146 on macOS 12.3.1
  • @jessriedel It doesn't look like any of the column widths get adjusted after switching to the pdf tab and back.
  • @jeremyvancleve See questions above regarding restarting and video.
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    @adomasven Yes it does. In the video, I adjust the year column (far left) to be very narrow so that the 4-digit year is not fully visible (0:30 - 0:35). I switch to a PDF tab and back to the library a first time, but the column width hasn’t changed because the PDF hasn’t finished loading (0:38 - 0:51). But then I switch to a PDF tab and back to the library a second time, after the PDF finishes loading, and the year column has been restored to its original width (0:53-0:57).
  • Ah, sorry, I didn't notice the columns switch back right at the end of the video. Do you always need to switch the tabs twice for it to happen? Is Zotero always this slow for you? Can you reproduce it on a faster computer or after you're able to restart?
  • No, I don't need to switch tabs twice for it to happen. The thing that matters is whether the PDF has fully loaded at the time I switch to the PDF tab and back to the library. If the PDF has loaded, then the column will be re-sized when I go back to the library.

    Zotero is slow to start-up because I'm lunatic running an 8-year-old macbook with a million apps open, each with a million tabs. Zotero is actually fairly snappy once it's loaded up; it's just the start-up process that is slow. I included the full start-up process in this video because you requested seeing a video that included that.

    If I have time to do a re-start I will report back, but no ETA on that.
  • @adomasven I just restarted my computer and the problem persists.
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    This should be fixed in the latest Zotero beta.
  • yes, looks fixed now for me on 6.0.5-beta.4+c9b39675b !

    thanks a ton!
  • Yes, also appears to be fixed for me on 6.0.5-beta.4+c9b39675b. Thank you!
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