Does anybody else HATE the update?

I can't figure out how to open my pdfs from Zotero directly into Preview--my preferred pdf viewer/editor. Now the pdfs open into a new Zotero tab. The edit features in the new tab are limited and buggy. I can't write on my pdf anymore. The "add note" feature is ugly, unwieldy, and difficult to undo. Have you all figured out a way to open your pdf from zotero into a different app, or what?
  • If you want to go back to using Preview, it’s easy enough to switch preferences. But personally I think the new reader is terrific and the annotations and notes have really improved my workflow. Not everyone wants to change their workflow, and I think the Zotero folk have made that easy enough to allow folks to opt out, but what they have done is to go from a PDF reader into a pdf note taker - where your annotations are actually useable.
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