Two feature requests: Recently added; and field showing collections?

Hi, I just wanted to suggest two features that I've been wanting in Zotero for years, and maybe others will agree. Or maybe there's a way to do these things that I don't know!

1) Have a history collection: Smart collection that shows items you added recently, chronologically. I often misplace items I recently added. This would help a ton.

2) Have a field in an item's record that shows what collection(s) it's in. This way, if you lose an item but can find it in search, you can know where you put it.

Am I missing something? Is there a way to do these things as Zotero is now?
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    I might not be understanding what you are asking for but it seems like for #1 that sorting the item pane by Date Added would do what you want. That puts the recently added items first (or last, depending on the direction of the sort.)

    And for #2, an item might be in any number of collections, so one field probably wouldn't work, but if you can search and find the item, holding down the CTRL key (on Windows, not sure on other platforms)... highlights the collection(s) that an item is in.

    Is this what you are looking for? Or am I missing something?
  • Great, that's helpful, yes. I didn't see Date Added was a field I could sort by, so that's my oversight. I also didn't know about the CTRL feature for highlighting collections, so thanks for that, too!
  • On top of the other suggestions, I use a saved search to show everything I’ve added in the past week. Then I clean the data up at the end of the week.

  • joycekwc, how do you make the saved search show the last week? I'm not sure how to format the field for the date. Seems easy enough to specify a date but not sure of the syntax for specifying a variable (today minus one week)?
  • Date Added -- is in the last -- 7 -- days
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