Request: fix style for Academy of Management Journal

Currently, the Academy of Management Journal style is including Publisher and Location information at the end of journal references in the bibliography (which it is picking up from the Extra field) and if there is that information in the Extra field it is omitting the volume, issue, and page numbers.

The style guide for AMJ does not indicate such information for journal articles (as below from the AMJ website).

Would it be possible to fix this?

Thanks very much! Tom

AMJ Style Guide:

Current output:

Cummins, E. R., & Blum, L. M. 2015, October. “Suits to self-sufficiency”: Dress for success and neoliberal maternalism. Gender & Society. 2455 ℡LER RD, THOUSAND OAKS, CA 91320 USA: SAGE PUBLICATIONS INC.

Output as expected per guidelines (and as produced by Zotero if nothing in the Extra field):

Cummins, E. R., & Blum, L. M. 2015. “Suits to self-sufficiency”: Dress for success and neoliberal maternalism. Gender & Society, 29(5): 623–646.

  • Can you paste here what exactly you have in the extra field?
  • Thanks for the quick reply. After you replied, I investigated a bit more, and the problematic behavior only occurs when there is:


    in the Extra field. This seems to be relatively rare, and I can't figure out when it happens. I'm working collaboratively and it seems to be when one of my co-authors downloads a file using the Zotero plug-in.

    If the fix is easy, it seems worth doing, but not otherwise, as it is relatively rare (Zotero ignores the location and publisher data, as it should do, if the Type:Article is not there).

  • Could you see what it says under "Library Catalog" and "URL" when you're seeing type:article?
    That's really more of an import than a style error and we should fix that.
  • Thanks very much.

    I just searched for the papers that have Type:Article in Extra, and they don't have anything in the Library Catalog or URL fields. I didn't download these as they are in a shared Group Library and were downloaded by a team member.

    I've reached out to the team to see if anyone remembers what browser and database they used to download them.

    It is a consistent behavior, though. They are all "Item Type: Journal Article" and "Type:Article" in Extra, and the bibliography entry is messed up as I indicated above.

    Thanks! Tom
  • In general, you should find and remove any “Type:Article” from your Extra fields

    @adamsmith @AbeJellinek We should avoid saving any “Type:” information from a publisher’s webpage.
  • Thanks very much. I can delete the "Type:Article" from the Extra fields.
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