Does the online tool Reference Extractor not work with Bibliographies ?

edited April 8, 2022
I have a Bibliography section in word (and not even a single note) that was created using the Zotero word plugin feature (Add/Edit Bibliography). Note that I am not talking about references in the document because one may have a Bibliography item that is not being referenced. The style I am using is Chicago 17th edition - (notes with Ibid).
When I tried to use the Reference Extractor, it does not detect any item.
My goal is to be able to extract those Bibliography items and get them selected in Zotero so I know which ones are being used in Bibliography.
Any insight would be helpful.
  • You're talking specifically about uncited items added to the bibliography?

    I'd guess that Reference Extractor doesn't support those and only extracts items from citations, but @Rintze would know.
  • Yes the uncited ones do not get picked up by the extractor. Those were inserted using Zotero so the tool should be able to pick up om some sort of signature.
    It would be of tremendous value if it can be fixed.
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