Mark references in Zotero that have been cited in a Microsoft Word document

I would like to know if anyone has found a way to show which references have or have not been used in a microsoft word document? When writing papers I tend to collect large numbers of references in a zotero collection and then add them when I come to the relevant section in my writing. I would really like to be able to identify those that I have not used in my documents so that I can either add them to the paper or delete them from the collection. Any help would be very much appreciated.
  • there is currently no technical way of doing that and I don't think it's forthcoming any time soon.
    But you could justcompare a bibliography created with your collection with one created within the document - should be a pretty fast process.
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  • Thank you for your comments! I seems that I posted this to the correct part of the website and that there is at least a little demand for this feature. Hopefully it is something that could be included in a later release.
  • Use the Reference Extractor online tool tool for references. It will select the referenced items in zotero (from Browser page)
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