Note searchbar issues - Zotero 6.0.4

- When I type something into the note searchbar it's very slow, and it often freezes for several seconds without displaying the typed text.

Sometimes I get this alert:
A script on this page may be busy, or it may have stopped responding. You can stop the script now, or you can continue to see if the script will complete.
Script: resource://zotero/note-editor/editor.js:36907

- it would be great if after typing, one could just press Return in order to go to the first search result, instead of manually clicking on the small arrow.

- I already mentioned the issue elsewhere: on Linux with dark theme the note searchbar text appears black on dark background, and it's almost impossible to read

(Minor issues, but a fix would be immensely appreciated! Thanks!)
  • How big is the note where you're getting that warning?
  • Not that big, 116418 chars
  • edited April 3, 2022
    No, that's very big for a note.

    But we'll see if we can fix this. Were you doing anything in particular when you got this? Can you reproduce it reliably?
  • Actually I have even bigger notes.... should I stop using them in this way?

    I ran a few tests, and it seems to be directly linked to the length of the note, although it didn't do so with the html version.
    The script alert only appeared twice, and I am not currently able to reproduce it. I guess it depends also from the CPU usage.

    (Any chance of upcoming updates for the other two issues? Thanks again for all your work!)
  • I am also having problems using the Search bar on the new version. Even when I type a single word into the search bar, the spinning rainbow wheel (Mac) appears for a few seconds and the list of citations where that word appears is glitchy and hard to use. It also takes several seconds for a PDF attached to a source to open in this new version whereas in the older version, when I clicked on a PDF attachment, it opened up (outside of the zotero app) immediately.
  • @"Andrew Kahrl" Can you repeat all the steps in your comment and provide a Debug ID for that happening?
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