How to extract annotations based on the tag?

So I have a question. For example, I added an annotation in article A with the tag, then I added another annotation in article B with the same tag. But then I selected this tag. I could not find those annotations. So the question is how to extract annotations based on the specific tag?
I guess the question is, I can only get the items with some tags. But I only give the tag to some sentences of that item, I want to collect all sentences with the same tag across many articles.

If anyone knows how to do it, please help me, thanks.
  • In the latest beta, you can filter by tag or color in the PDF reader sidebar and then add all of the filtered tags to a note.

    Annotation tags don't yet show up in the tag selector in the library view, but they will in a future version. For now if you want to filter by tag you need to do it one PDF at a time.
  • Oh, I see. Thank you very much! Looking forward to the future version.
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    +1 find this feature tremendously helpful too. Select global (Zotero) notes by tag and...

    1.) export via Zotfile or...
    2.) Collect, reorder, rewrite and export via right pane.

    That would be perfect.
  • +1 to this!

    To be able to view all of my annotations across files that use the same tag would be amazing. I was surprised that I wasn't able to do this, as it seems like the ideal reason for annotation tags to exist. My colleagues are really looking forward to this feature too!

    It's great to hear that this feature is being worked on, is there any way of finding out when this might make it into a future release?
  • @dstillman

    At the moment, if you want to create a note based on a specific tag/s in a pdf you have to filter by that/those tag/s in the pdf reader sidebar and then manually drag them across to the note. Is it possible to modify the behaviour of the "add item note from annotations" button in the notes sidebar to only add annotations that are still visible after filtering by tag/s? The way it works at the moment it just adds all the annotations even if you have filtered them by tag in the sidebar.
  • I have annotations in a PDF which contains tags. The tag selector shows me the newly tags. However, when I select the desired tag, no items are displayed. Is it possible to show which item's PDF annotations contains the selected tag?
  • Just want to add that I am desperate for this feature! Being able to export all highlights from the entire library that have a specific tag to a note would be incredible. (Similarly, being able to export all highlights of the same color to a note would be amazing.)
  • "Being able to export all highlights from the entire library that have a specific tag to a note would be incredible."
    I totally agree and am really looking forward for this feature!
  • +1
    Being able to export all quotes with the same tag from different PDF would be a life saver for me atm!! I extensively tagged quotes in my library for this exact purpose before realising that atm tag filter in a zot library can only sort out library items not PDF quotes...
  • Hello
    You can try using the templates of betternotes add-on to collect annotations by tag(s) from multiple items.
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