Minor bugs and unexpected behavior in PDF viewer on Zotero iPad 1.0.1 Build 1

Decided to post these together since they are small and I do not want to flood the forum with new threads. (Apologies if I have already been too prolific in past few days, or if I should have broken these up.)

1. When I am typing the text of a PDF comment annotation, clicking on a red-dotted-underlined misspelled word brings up the black bubble with a suggested replacement (as is normal on iPad text fields), but tapping the black bubble to accept the suggestion does not work; the bubble disappears, but the spelling is unchanged. I am not having this issue in other iPad apps.

2. When I tap to insert the cursor into the middle of the text on a PDF comment annotation and begin typing with the default on-screen keyboard, the cursor often but not reliably jumps to the bottom of the comment after the first letter is pressed, so that all the additional characters typed are written at the end of the comment rather than where the cursor was originally inserted. If I delete the errant text, tap again to place the cursor where I want, and start typing again, the glitch often happens a second time (very frustrating). For what it's worth, I have noticed similar behavior on the Zotero desktop app, but again only sporadically.

3. When I highlight some text in a PDF and select "search" in the black context menu, the search term is correctly highlighted everywhere in the PDF, but the search box in the upper right hand corner does not update; the last used search term is still there, which is unexpected behavior to me. This means there is no way to skip quickly through the document to appearances of the new search term. If I want to do that, I need to re-type the search term in the search box, which seems inefficient.
  • I am on iPadOS 15.4, on a 12.9 inch iPad Pro, 4th generation.
  • I can still reproduce item 1 in version 1.0.3 Build 5. It would be nice if the spelling suggestions were applied correctly.
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