Can't open Zotero, saying another version is running.

Hi! Have been using Zotero fine on my mac for about a week now. This morning the app updated an now when opening Zotero it says a version is already opened and will not open.

I can't find Zotero running anywhere and am unsure what to do.

I have removed Zotero, and all of its data, from my mac and reinstalled it to have the same issue.

I can still access my library online and save new documents to it. But I can't open it in word which is obviously an issue.

My mac is running macOS Monterey 12.0.1

Thank you!
  • I have removed Zotero, and all of its data
    I'd strongly encourage you not to do drastic things like this without posting here. This wasn't necessary, and we'd never have told you to do this.

    Restart your computer. If the problem persists, go to your Zotero profile directory and delete the .parentlock file.
  • Thank you for your advice, that has fixed it :))
  • It's not unusual for me (a Windows user) to have to shut down an instance of Zotero in Task Manager before I can open another.

    Don't ask me the circumstances: I just do it.
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