Chicago style bibliography error for unsigned articles

Hello. I'm using Zotero 6.0.3 on MacOS Monterey. I'm having a consistent issue with unsigned newspaper articles that don't have an author. For the Chicago style bibliography, Zotero correctly moves the publication name over to be the author, but when listing the sources alphabetically in the bibliography, it lists those entries by the article name instead of by the publication title that is now up front.

For example, the two middle entries are clearly in the wrong place:
Doherty, Carroll. "A New Perspective on......"
Al Jazeera. "Israel, Bahrain Sign Security Cooperation Agreement..."
Reuters. "Israel Seeks New Regional Bloc..."
Kaye, Dalia Dassa. "Why the Abraham Accords...."

  • Thanks, we'll take a look. Which exact Chicago style is this?
  • Thanks sir. I'm using Chicago Manual of Style 17th edition (full note). It is compiling the bibliography from footnotes. Thanks
  • Thanks -- please remind us here in two weeks if you haven't seen an update.
  • Hey Adam. I just downloaded and installed the latest Zotero update but I'm still having this problem. Just wanted to flag it at the two week mark, per your request. Thanks much.
  • Just wanted to chime in on this old thread, because I’m having the same issue (and switching to, e.g., Newspaper Article doesn’t fix it. If I put in dummy text as the author, everything looks normal. I tried it with both Chicago (note) and Chicago (full note).
  • This is now fixed for the full note style. Once someone confirms this is working correctly with that style, I'll port it to the other Chicago 17 styles as relevant.
  • Thanks! I updated to the latest beta, but the bibliography entry is still showing the publication first (and in roman rather than italics).

    A footnote looks like this:
    “The Beharee Students’ Conference,” *The Hindustan Review*, October–November 1910; “Hindu Hostel, Calcutta,” *Indian Engineering*, July 7, 1888.

    But the bibliography looks like this:

    Indian Engineering. “Hindu Hostel, Calcutta,” July 7, 1888.
    The Hindustan Review. “The Beharee Students’ Conference,” October–November 1910.
  • Showing the publication first is correct as per Chicago Manual (see also the first post in this thread). What was off was the sorting of those items.
  • Aha, the sorting is fine, but the publication titles should be italicized.
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