Option to not hyperlink annotations in notes

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  • One additional related comment, related to the citations in extracted annotations. Is there an option to have them *not* hyperlinked? Right now, if I want to do that, I have to copy them to Word and paste them all back again.
  • Is there an option to have them *not* hyperlinked?
    No, but they're not really "hyperlinked" — there's just some internal metadata tracking the item they came from, which is also how they stay active when you use the Add Note option in the word processor plugins.

    I'm not sure why you wouldn't want that?
  • I'm not sure why it would matter why I wouldn't want it :), but I don't because I copy and paste from my Zotero notes into another application (FilemakerPro) and with those being active citations as opposed to just a parenthetical note, it won't copy. My workaround is to copy-paste into Word, which removes the internal metadata tracking, and then copy-paste back to Zotero, an extra step. I understand this feature can be useful for some folks, but it would be good if there were a way to remove it within Zotero for those of us who don't need it.
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    Because we're trying to understand the problem you're actually experiencing, and there's a decent chance this is some sort of misunderstanding. As a general rule, it's not helpful to assume a technical solution when posting here. If you're having a problem, just report the actual problem you're facing and we'll evaluate it.

    It sounds like you're saying there's a problem when you copy to FileMaker, but it's not clear to me what the problem is.

    See Steps to Reproduce for the kind of report we need to help you.
  • OK, will work on doing this.
  • OK, it looks like citations aren't currently copied to the clipboard when copying plain text from a note. I assume that's the issue?

    (This is why it's important to just state the problem you're experiencing. This is just a bug — it doesn't have anything to do with whether or not there's a popup when you click on the citation.)
  • So in going back to previous annotations, this is what I have noticed :

    (1) An extracted annotation using Zotfile from 3/17/22, the extractions shows a "hyperlinked" (I know, not correct term) note in Zotero. The note pastes onto the FilemakerPro. So I get this in FMP: "The Origins of Dabestān: Mīrzā Hasan Rushdīyeh and the Quest for New Education" (Zarrinnal 2021:247) [the latter in plain text]
    (Interestingly, if I paste to MS Word, the note transfers as still "hyperlinked" , but then I can remove the link.)

    [After this, my Zotero updated to the new version]

    (2a) Yesterday's (3/25/22) annotation, extracted with Zotero, the extraction again shows a "hyperlinked" note in Zotero. This time, when I copied it, the note did not appear at all with the pasted text in FMP (or here in Firefox, for that matter). e.g., “Les premiers instituteurs recrutés ne sont bien évidemment pas issus des écoles”

    (2b) When pasted into MS Word, it showed up but there was no "hyperlink", e.g. “Les premiers instituteurs recrutés ne sont bien évidemment pas issus des écoles” (Danan, 2004, p. 113) [again in plain text]

    So what worked for me was to C&P onto Word, then C&P from Word onto FMP.

    Let me know if you have follow-up questions or if you want me to copy this to the reporting problems page. Thanks.
  • Yes, as I say above, we're aware of this and will fix it.
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