Note: too long to sync

The length of each note is quite limited, isn't it? I haven't successfully uploaded for even once because of this issue. I quite rely on juris-m now to read and take notes while doing research, since it is very convenient to bring all these just in one site.
Could you maybe increase the limit please?
  • -- following
    in the past I didn't do too much with Notes because they couldn't hold even one very big picture without a "note too big" error; will be interesting to see how this plays out for the new Annotations & Notes.
  • In the new notes editor, images are stored outside notes, so that particular issue isn't there anymore. I think the actual character limit for notes is massive, something like 100k, so should be hard to hit with actual note text.
  • ah ok thanks! Seems like it was because i downloaded the newest version but i hadn't turned off my computer to rerun the softwards yet. Now the problem for not being able to sync is the image. I guess i'll just need to move the pictures outside the notes, and also buy some extra storage for myself. Thanks!
  • I just bumped into this myself, after taking advantage of the automated Add-Note-From-Annotations option.

    I'm sure it is objectively long, as I highlighted throughout much of a pdf book,
    but it would be great to not have this problem, especially if it is blocking syncing.
    Although it comes to mind I could also only produce such a note when I want to look at it and then delete it again.

    * Is it blocking all of syncing to have such a note?
    * Is it useful and possible to pull more information to share with you? If so let me know the steps and I'll do that.
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