Zotero 6 and ios feedback

edited March 19, 2022
I have just discovered today that I can read pdfs in Zotero and can have Zotero on my ipad - needless to say you made one academic girl very very happy.

I just wanted to share some features I'm pretty used to using in Adobe but couldn't find a way to do the same in Zotero (maybe it's just me who couldn't understand the interface - in that case please help me find where I can reach these features!)

1. cmd+z for undo
2. add text on pdfs for notes on the margins - I prefer this to notes because they are more accessible at the first glance
3. underline text - not highlight
4. add shapes to circle/emphasize certain graphs or definitions
5. for ios; eraser for pencil

Just putting it out there!

Thanks for all your work!
  • I have the same desired features too. Especially the NO.2 and NO.5.
    The note on the blank area is more convenient that I don't need to click the note icon to open it, so I usually text the comment on the margin directly.
    After I write some comment on pdf using ipad with pencil, I found it diffcult to remove the annotation, especially when it has many strokes. So a eraser is very convenient for it.

    Thanks very much! The zotero6 is the best paper manage software I have met even without these features.
  • The suggestions made by pinpint are very user-perspective. I totally agree with her.

    I have one extra suggestion: make a button in the toolbar "open with system default PDF reader".

    Zotero PDF reader should do the job 90% of the time, but there are situations that I need markups available from/more handy in other PDF reader.

  • Pinpint - on my Zotero app on iOS I am able to write notes in the margin using my Apple Pencil, you just have to select the correct tool at the top. You could also use this to underline and to circle graphs, etc.

    I want to echo the request for an eraser that is compatible with the iPad pencil (double tap to switch to eraser, double tap to switch back).
  • Agree with jakekei, Please add a preference switch to set "open with system default PDF reader."
    With the new version 6, I have to right-click, "show file," then open from the file manager. I have my Zotero window as a fairly narrow window along the bottom of my screen, so the extra steps to read my PDFs are unwelcome. I much prefer just double-clicking and having it open in Acrobat. Besides, I so often use the annotation features of Acrobat and the show pages view, that opening in a Zotero viewer tab is not useful.
  • The preference to open with the system viewer already exist in the General tab of the preferences.
    jakekei's request is to make it easier to *occasionally* use a different reader, which currently does require going through show file.
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