Line Breaks in Citation Text?

Hello -

Is there a way to add line breaks to text in citations? Here I refer to the text in the "Prefix" or "Suffix" areas. This is for cases when one has a long explanatory text footnote or endnote. Also when one might like to add a bulleted or numbered list. I've tried the
tag; it works correctly in the preview pane of the Classic Editor of the Word plugin, breaking lines as expected, but no such breaks appear in the actual footnote in my Word document. Any advice appreciated.

Thank you.
  • No. But note that you can just create the footnote in Word/LibreOffice and add surrounding text there. Once you're adding bullet points and paragraphs, that'd seem preferable anyway
  • @adamsmith Thank you for the comment. The footnote does also include Zotero citation(s) though; the textual comments I am adding are related to those citations. So I would like to do this in the Zotero citation.

    Are you suggesting to manually edit the Zotero-generated citation by adding my desired texts? I get a warning if I try to do that, that the Zotero citation will no longer update if manually edited.
  • No, I'm suggesting to add the Zotero citation. Inside the foot note, i.e.
    1. Insert footnote
    2. Write some text
    3. Insert citation
    4. Write more text
    5. Add another citation

    All within the same note
  • @adamsmith Excellent! Thank you. I wasn't aware one could do that. I assumed the "Add/Edit Citation" command of the Zotero Word plugin was only to be used by inserting the citation point within the main text of the document, and that attempting to add a Zotero citation within a Word citation would create a Malkovich-Malkovich infinite recursion.
  • @adamsmith P.S. Is the method you state actually the recommended way in general for creating footnotes/endnotes with explanatory text, rather than using prefix/suffix? Are there any downsides?

    This method doesn't seem to be mentioned in the online documentation; it would be lovely if it were added therein.

    Thank you again.
  • No real downsides. Obviously you can't convert these to in-text, but presumably you would not want to. Both methods work, I'd do this for long footnotes
  • @adamsmith Excellent. I will try working this way from now on.
    Please do add it to the FAQ, if that is in your control (and your time permits, of course).

    Or maybe it's obvious to others, and I've just missed the obvious (wouldn't be the first time)!
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