bug : citation edit window outside screen

This is an issue that occurs somewhat frequently. Sometimes, when I click on a citation to edit it, especially if there is a lot of text in the prefix or suffix field, the citation window appears at the very edge of my screen. I can't move the window nor can I even copy and paste into the fields. I try resetting Zotero and Word but doesn't quite help. I often have to delete the citation and copy and paste all the information again. Is it possible to have it so that users can move the citation edit windows? Often the placement of the windows seems entirely random. I'm using Microsoft Word on Windows 10 PC.

Screenshot https://www.dropbox.com/s/kp7uz7mfl4kbjle/Screenshot 2022-03-10 12.19.22.png?dl=0
  • I have had this happen also. My work-around thus far is to drag the Zotero red dialog in the opposite direction, which citation window into the screen area. Not ideal, though, and perhaps it only works if one has a large monitor. It does seem to be a bug.
  • I can confirm this also. Same config MS Word on Windows 10, and with large prefix/suffix.
    I usually do the same: drag the red dialog in the opposite direction. Or switch to classic view.
  • Same problem today. First time I've seen this and it is really annoying!
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