Bibliography from (new 6.0) note with citations

Is it possible to create a bibliography from the citations I've added to a Standalone Note in the 6.0 release?

Having added a few citations to my note (which is a fantastic feature) I would like to create a bibliography with all the citations from that note. This could be at the bottom of the note, or it could be copied to my clipboard.

I've been using Zotero for close to a decade (and paying for unlimited storage for a few years) and I can't tell you how much I appreciate the 6.0 update. I found the old notes interface unusable and I'm really hoping I can integrate this new version into my workflow.

Thanks for all the hard work!
  • I think the easiest way to do that is to insert the Note into Word or LO, and then insert a Bibliography (all using the Word/LO Zotero menus).
  • Yes, that's exactly the point of the new Add Note button in the word processor plugins.
  • Thanks everyone!

    I can confirm this works perfectly in Word (after I gave Zotero permission to control Word as describe:

    Once I add a note using the Zotero interface in Word I can create a bibliography in that Word document with a single click.

    I would like to add a feature request to have this be an option directly within the notes interface if at all possible. I appreciate it if there are issues that make this less easy to implement than it may seem, but it sure would simply my workflow to not have to fiddle with an external word processor for the types of outlines I'm constructing.

    Thanks again for the great update!
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