Empty response from server (id 511217231)

I've been getting an empty response from server for the past two days. I figured I'd wait before submitting an error, in case it was just a blip, but it's still going. I tried restarting and resetting. Interestingly, resetting deleted all the stuff on the server (as I chose) but did not upload anything. So it seems there is communication with the server -- my computer told the Zotero computer to delete the stuff in my library -- but something's getting hung up. My error report is 511217231.
  • If you've reset your server data then Zotero needs to sync up your entire library. Depending on how many items you have in your library (which you can see by selecting all items and looking in the right-hand pane) you may run into trouble with this at the moment, but we'll be working to optimize things over the next few days.
  • Yep, that's the issue. I only 415 items in my beta library, but most of them have a link to a file (the actual file is not in the Zotero library, but it's linked to it on a hard drive). I'll try back in a few days. Thanks!
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