Type Request: Norms & Standards

Every time I try to cite national or international norms and standards (DIN, VDI, EN, ISO, ANSI, ...) I run into the problem that none of the bibliography systems has native support for these document types.
There is a solution for LaTeX using misc type with subtype "Norm" (example: http://golatex.de/din-en-normen-mit-bibtex-und-multibib-richtig-zitieren-t8530.html) but importing that into zotero gives me a book instead.

So what makes norms and standards incompatible with the other formats?
First, there is no author. Usually we use the identifier composed of norming institute, number, subpart, year and month instead of a name. (This might also affect sorting in the list of litereature.)
Second the type ("Norm", "Standard", others) is usually used in the list of literature to identify it as norm/standard.
Third they have a title. That doesn't differ from other document types.
They can be split into different parts, including their own subtitles, though. These are usually displayed as well.
Forth since the release date is essential for references, it must be given. Year and month are usally sufficient since it is quite rare that standardization processes are fast enough to give out different revisions in a single month.

The biggest problem is probably that citing of norms and standards is not standardized. (Ironic, isn't it?)
Here are a few (german) examples I found:
ID:YYYY-MM, Title {- Subtitle}
DIN ISO 8037-1:2003-05, Optik und optische Instrumente - Mikroskope; Objektträger - Teil 1: Maße, optische Eigenschaften und Kennzeichnung (ISO 8037-1:1986)

DIN 1505(2)
Type ID Month YY. Title
Norm DIN 1505 Teil 2 Jan. 84. Titelangaben von Dokumenten; Zitierregeln

I would like to have a document type that has the following fields (subject to discussion):
Date (Year-Month{-Day})
Type (Norm, Standard, ...)
Norming/Standardization institute
Part (could be part of Number as well)
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