[iOS beta] single page view in landscape mode?

Is there a way to display only a single page when screen is in landscape mode?

On my 10' iPad, having two pages displayed side-by-side in landscape mode leads to very small text, hence constant zooming/de-zooming.

Landscape mode is more useful for me as I annotate papers in the margin with my apple pencil.
  • Found a workaround: by selecting "Continous" page transition *and* "Vertical" scroll direction there’s only 1 page shown in landscape view.

    While I’d prefer the Jump and Horizontal values, this is nonetheless a workaround in the meantime.
  • I support a single page view. I have the large iPad, but two-page view is still unusably small. I usually use landscape in other apps to get a zoomed view - particularly helpful for looking at complex figures. I think this should at least be an option. I do not particularly like 'continuous' mode, and this workaround also does not default to a fit-to-page view.
    Full page width in both portrait and landscape modes would allow easy zoom when required and match the expected behaviour of most other iOS apps.
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