Manually sync iPad library to windows and vice-versa (selectively)

I am not sure if this is a feature that I can use (I don’t know how to) or if I can make a feature request.
I have the zotero beta on my iPad, and loving it with the recent updates. I think I would really like to start using it actively rather than once in a while reference when needed. My library is on my windows PC, and its getting bigger. I haven’t opted for the larger storage and not sure if its worth it (considering I only use it on one device).
Now I probably won’t need my iPad for all projects and archives, mostly for current work. If I am saving articles on my iPad, or on my laptop I might want to read and annotate on either device. Prefer longer articles on my iPad tbh. I would like to then sync my iPad to my laptop once in a while, to update changes I made every couple of days, or whenever I want it. And have the master database on my laptop, kind of like making my laptop a FTP server.
since my iPad also has limited storage (student budget theme), I would only like to have selected libraries on my device at a time, and be able to manage that.
I do have unlimited cloud storage, and would prefer a way to use that. My university library suggest using the google drive folder as the sync one, but I am scared of it being corrupted and also not being able to use it as a group. If there’s a workaround I would be happy to try it out.

I want to know if there’s any way I can do this, or if not, then consider this a feature request.

  • Zotero works via cloud sync and local storage can be set to manual download in the desktop app, while there’s no automatic full download option yet in the iOS/iPad OS app. Meaning that by default all PDFs/documents are not downloaded but everything is kept in sync either via the Zotero server or through your cloud service provider’s WebDAV server.
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    You can use any cloud provider that has WebDAV support with Zotero sync. There is no official support for WebDAV in Google drive, but there are some third party tools for adding it. Can’t comment on their reliability or stability

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  • @erdoke and @bwiernik Thanks for the comments.
    The ipad app does support full downloads now, and I have been able to download some articles hence the question. And WebDAV is an appealing option but unfortunately has similar issues with group sync.
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