Standalone Beta: PDF reader displays transparent freehand drawings with full opacity


The integrated PDF reader seems to display freehand annotations that have an opacity <1 without any transparency. I use freehand drawing in PDFs to highlight.

screenshot is here:

Happy to share the PDF via email if it helps

  • Sure, you can send it to, with a link to this thread.

    What software was used to create those drawings?
  • Just sent it.

    I used PDF Viewer for some of them, and — I think — an old version of GoodReader for others.

  • Having the same problem with highlights created in Papership on an iPad. Let me know if an additional example of these would be helpful.

    version: 6.0-beta.1+c6d03753f
  • I can also confirm this problem, using PDF-Exchange Editor. I only noticed it after trying to import all annotations: freehand annotations that where transparent now cover the text completely making it unreadable. But I don't know if the problem was already there before I did the import, I mean when only reading them in the native pdf reader.
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