Is there any way to link to an Obsidian note from Zotero?

I can create and open an obsidian note in Obsidian for any imported references from Zotero now.

What if I want to open the corresponding obsidian note when I am reading a pdf in Zotero (using the internal Zotero pdf viewer)?

Is there any way to link to Obsidian from Zotero?
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    Maybe you are looking for something like this.

    For any details, you would ask @daeh
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    Exactly, thank you so much!

    Another question.
    Is there any way to customize a shortcut (such as command+"left click") to open that Obsidian note rather than right-click and select "Open ObsidianMD Note"?
  • With the Zutilo add-on, you can customize many shortcuts, but I don't know if Zutilo recognizes this command. Otherwise, you can contact @daeh on GitHub. Surely, he will be glad to help, if it is possible.
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    Appreciate the tag, @warguelles , I wouldn't have seen this otherwise.

    Hi @fangbq -- yeah, i think having a keyboard shortcut to open the MD note makes a ton of sense.

    Zutilo hard-codes which plugins it supports, and zotero-obsidian-citations isn't currently one of them (currently Zutilo supports zotero-builtins, better-bibtex, zotfile, and mdnotes). I could make a pull request to Zutilo and see if they'd be interested in supporting zotero-obsidian-citations (but I'm not sure ZotObsCite has a large enough user base yet to be of interest to them --- feel free to star the zotero-obsidian-citations repo in order help make then case that it's a useful plugin).

    If you're up for it, please open an issue on the github. I'll explore whether Zutilo would consider a PR or whether I should implement a shortcut independently.
  • @daeh Thank you for the suggestion. I've opened an issue.
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