Beta and Zotfile

Hello, all. In a separate thread I noted that I have been having difficulty with page numbers going to the correct spot using Zotfile to extract annotations. I understand that the latest Beta version has better page number capabilities. However, before I move to the beta, would anyone be able to advise how (if at all) it affects using Zotfile to keep files synced with my Boox Max Lumi? I actually just got the Boox device and am getting it set up currently to do my reading/annotating in and was planning to use Zotfile to sync to a google drive folder (which I already am using with Zotero on my desktop). Would this all work the same way? And apologies in advance if this question isn't clear, I'm still getting my head around all of this!

MANY thanks!
  • ZotFile's file moving isn't affected by the beta. Only annotation extracting is disabled because that's now possible with Zotero proper.
  • Okay thanks! So to confirm I understand, I could annotate on my tablet in whatever pdf software and use zotfile to send back to zotero beta and on my desktop use beta to extract my annotations, correct?

    Also curious if there are plans to roll out the beta to android as well in the future?

    Many thanks for the help!
  • Pretty sure that should work, yes.

    Zotero is hiring an Android dev. IIRC, the iOS app took something like 2 years, and they don't tend to rush things, but I think it's safe to say that Android is generally planned, but not something you should plan with in the near future.
  • Great, thanks. And makes sense re: android app. Thanks again!
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