Hyperlinks in TOC and annotations

Hello -- Whenever I 'extract annotations' or 'get table of contents' for an attachment, the page numbers automatically generated are always incorrect. For example I am looking at one PDF attachment where one extracted annotation cites p.51, but it's actually p.2 of the document. When I click the hyperlink, it does open the document to the correct location (though I have also had other attachments where the link also took me to the wrong place in the document). For Zotero to be really useful to me for note-taking, I need the in-text citations to be accurate, so hoping there is some way to resolve this. Can anyone advise?

Thanks very much!
  • Try the new Zotero Beta. It replaces ZotFile annotation extraction functionally with its own PDF reader and provides more precise page numbers.
  • That's great to know, thank you. Do you know if this would correct the page numbers for documents I have already marked up?
  • Most likely yes – for existing PDF files it should import annotations with more precise page numbers.
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