Apple Pencil Inking Improvements — line width and eraser

First, thank you for implementing this, it brought me back to reading in Zotero, and I love it! I have some small requests to improve usability:
1) Adding erase functionality — right now I can only erased by hitting undo or by selecting an annotation and selecting delete. It would be great if there were a mode that could be activated by the pencil double tap like in other apps that deletes an annotation when you tap on it (fine-grained erasing would be great too, but even this small erase functionality would be great)
2) Adding size options for the line thickness — when I zoom in and mark up a figure, the pencil width is too thick right now.
  • +1 from me for both requests
  • You can set the line width by pressing and holding on the ink annotation toolbar button, and you can change it after the fact in the annotation popup.
  • +1, especially for the first point.

    P.S. Thanks for adding the ink option. I love it.
  • +1 for me as well for both requests.

    Also +1 for the feature request for more sombre colours like blue and black, as in this post:

    I've now moved back to reading PDFs directly in the Zotero pdf reader on my iPad since you've added the pencil feature - big thanks for it!
  • +1 on adding an eraser.

    Love using Zotero on iPad w. pencil, btw.

    Minor related suggestion, take it for what it's worth: I mostly use the smaller line widths, but they're finicky to change between (sizes 0.8-2). One solution could be making linewidth increase somewhat exponentially with the slider. For example, size=sliderpos^2.5/125 would give the same range as before but would give more room to adjust in the smaller ranges. It'd sacrifice precision in the larger ranges, but I'm guessing that pixel-size precision isn't so important there.
  • +1 for both requests, especially eraser.

    An additional suggestion:
    include the ability to add "page area" to the margins of the PDF to make room for writing more in-depth comments. Many papers the margins are too small to properly write down serious annotations.
  • +1 for adding eraser and a page area in the margins but for the latter I think is best to enable a handwritten inside the stick notes. In this way the page area is inside the stick note.
  • +1 for the eraser.
  • +1 for the eraser.
  • Eraser would be very helpful. Also supporting the double tap function of the Pencil 2 to switch between between pencil and eraser.
  • +1 The eraser would make the writing more effective.
  • +1 for the eraser. Especially if it can be a pixel eraser (rather than a whole line/object eraser).

    I make a lot of errors while writing halfway through a word and usually only need to erase one letter or half a letter sometimes.
  • We've added an eraser tool in Zotero 1.0.4 for iOS, available now.
  • Now that an eraser tool has been added, can the "double tap" gesture be supported? Should I open a new feature request?

    Double tap is a gesture that switches between the active tool and the eraser. See the bottom of this link:
  • Please add line thickness. It's way too thick to write anything right now.

    I also love yotamat's suggestion: "include the ability to add "page area" to the margins of the PDF to make room for writing more in-depth comments."
  • @sabrinafp: As I say above, you can adjust line thickness by tapping and holding on the ink tool. We're going to make this more discoverable in an upcoming version.
  • We've added support for double-tapping Apple Pencil 2 to switch to the eraser in version 1.0.11. We've also moved the line thickness adjustment into the color popup, where it's more discoverable.
  • edited March 20, 2023
    Tap and hold just isn't working for me. I have tried the icon at the top and the inking icon on the left-hand toolbar. Nothing happens. Any ideas?

    Edit - duh - under the colours!
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