Upload pdf files to store on Zotero

Is there a way to take existing files on your computer and upload them into Zotero?
  • You can just drag&drop to the local app (a feature to import entire folders & folder hierarchies of PDFs is also under active development, but not sure how soon that'll happen)
  • Hello @adamsmith ,

    I've just started using Zotero after years with Mendeley.
    Zotero won't allow me to drag and drop files from my desktop to Zotero window, as I used to do with Mendeley.
    I have just restardted my computer and it still doesn't work
    Do you any clue what could fix this?

  • What happens when you try? And do you have Zotero installed, or are you using the web app (where that indeed won't work)
  • Zotero won't allow me to choose a pdf file, it says that this file type is not supported.
    I am trying this on the Zotero app installed on my computer.
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    You're likely using "Import" -- that's not the right function; it's for importing metadata.

    You can either drag&drop PDFs as I say above, or you can use "Store Copy of File" under the green + sign or "Attach Stored Copy of File" under the paper clip icon.
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