Plugin or other method for validating URLs in Zotero database?


I have a collection of approximately 35,000+ citations and a good portion of them include a URL in the URL field. I've included permalinks when available/applicable, but obviously not everything on the web is available as a permalink. So, inevitably some of the URLs go dead. I'd love to be able to have a tool or other method to perform an audit of the URLs to determine if they are still a live link. Is there an existing plugin, tool, or method to do this?
  • I'd export to CSV and then run the URL column through a link checking script/tool.
    I haven't checked in a while but shouldn't be hard to find something, especially if you're willing to run a script
  • Thanks @adamsmith
    I hadn't considered that route, but I'll explore that. Would it similarly be feasible to run a script or something (I'm not a developer/engineer) via the api?
  • Sure, yes, but it'll require writing some script rather than just running it; also, if you use the web API that's going to be much slower and if you use the local one you're limited to JavaScript.
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