Duplicated items list showing non duplicated books

Dear all,

Zotero's automatic left list "Duplicate items" is listing books that aren't duplicated. It seems it is searching only by book's title, but in my case this list included two different book entries (with translator and editor different), but with the same author and title. Also, it included books from the same author and title, but different volumes.

I think this is a bug, because they have different information (eg.: volume, editor, translator...).

  • Duplicate detection has always been fairly expansive and occasionally gets false positives. Since merging is manual, that's by design (you could also just miss the translator for one import of a book, say). An option to mark items as not-duplicates has long been planned, but not sure how far out that is.
  • I couldn't find anyway to avoid two different books being classified by Zotero as duplicated, just because they share same author and title
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