Why no option for book chapter?

Much of what I cite is content or articles from edited books. Am I missing a way to enter a book chapter, authors, excerpt posted in Notes, pages, etc in a book, with different authors, publisher, date, etc
  • IE, there isn't a category for book chapter in the drop down menu of various sources that begins with artwork and ends with video recording. It is a very comprehensive list, just missed the one thing that I need the most. Thanks!
  • It sounds like "Book Section" is what you are after.
  • edited January 20, 2022
    Yes, I thought that would work, too. I've tried it, and it has space for one set of authors. A book chapter entry needs entries both for article authors AND book authors/eds . . .
  • You can add more authors/editors by clicking on the plus button.
  • Great name! Yes, but in a citation, the chapter authors are listed differently than the book authors/editors. If I use the + button, it only adds chapter authors.
  • Aha, I have just found a drop down beside "author" to indicate book authors. Thanks, all!
  • That drop down also has a listing for Editors, too. Good work, Zotero.
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