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Hi everyone!

I want to cite translated books and I can't figure out how to do so using Zotero to be conform to the DGP rules.

For example, I want to cite the following book:

Erving Goffman, "Wir alle spielen Theater: die Selbstdarstellung im Alltag". The original Title is "The presentation of self in everyday life" from 1959. I have the german translation (19. edition (2021)).

From what I understood from the DGP rules, the citation in a case like this would look like this:
(Goffman, 1959/2021).

And the record in the bibliography:
Goffman, E. (2021). Wir alle spielen Theater: die Selbstdarstellung im Alltag. (P. Weber-Schäfer, Übers.) (19. Auflage.). München: Piper. (Original erschienen 1959)

In the forums I found a solution using the "Extra" field to define the "original-title", "original-date", "original-publisher" and "original-publisher-place". But it's stated, that the citation style would have to make use of these variables. It seems that at the time, the style for DGP does not.

I was wondering if it would be possible to add this functionality to the citation style. It would be greatly appreciated.

  • Me again.

    I figured, that this functionality was already impelemented for the APA 6th edition. So I modified the .csl accordingly. It will now produce the result which is consistent with DGP. I am referring to the 5th edition though.

    I will post the patch necessary to add this functionality to the DGP citation style for those who need it.

  • (Please post the patch in a GitHub gist or similar, not here.)
  • edited January 21, 2022
    Thanks for the hint.

    I decided to submit a possible change to this in the official citation style language repository on GitHub directly.
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